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Why do Government officials work blindly?




Each time we think its time for the masses to appreciate the MC department and other Government departments for doing work in public interest, something or the other pops up that makes people furious about the government officials doing the particular task blindly.

Location:Summerhill ward Near MP Dhani Ram Shandil House village “Andari”

I am sure you all can relate with whatever is being said here. A few days back we came up with a news related to delay which was made in putting up the railings on Boileuganj to Shiv Mandir road way. 17 months for a few safety railings? Shimla MC, please speed up


Yes, you read it correct. It took 17 months for MC to get the task completed. Well, the public still was ok with it but then a big time goof-up was noticed that too by masses and not MC. Imagine the railings were put at only a particular spot. Couldn’t the MC, the ward councillor or the contractors walk few steps and check if everything in the vicinity is OK. Just a turn ahead there is a spot where there are no railings. Every day school students, office people and masses cross through this way and there is a danger of falling down.

We raised the issue of the railings missing at the spot where the accident took place months back then the railings were put that too after 17 months. Now what is MC waiting for? Another accident/incident. Why is it that we have to raise our voices, shout on top of our voices, drop-in mails, call the Government officials time and again to make them get off their seats and do some work for which we ‘THE PEOPLE’ have chosen them to serve us that is ‘THE PEOPLE’ ?


Now, the question is when will they make the next move? After another accident when some people from the masses will get injured? Why do these Government officials get blind, dumb and deaf as soon as they lay their bums on the seats.

What else, we people can just send the requests and not order you Government officials to make the efforts in public interest instead of your self-interest.

Here is another issue that we have come up with. Last call was attended after 17 long months. How long will it take to answer the call this time?

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Video: Employees on Election Duty in Pachhad Throw Away Food Alleging Poor Quality



Poor quality food to pachhad election duty officials

Sirmaur- A video has appeared on social media showing employees deployed in Pachhad constituency of Sirmaur district on election duty complaining that they were served stale, poor quality packed food. They can be heard saying that such foul smell is emanating from the packed food that even dogs won’t eat it.

They are holding the Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM), Rajgarh, responsible for it.  They were also seen throwing away the packets of food, while some other packets were already discarded either on the road or on the roadside. Surprisngly, these employees are not discarding these packets containing food properly, and instead, littering them anywhere. It appears like the Swachh Bharat campaign proved to be ineffective in creating awareness. 

The video is circulating on social media, attracting criticism. On receiving this news, the SDM, Naresh Verma, said he has asked the Tehsildar to probe the allegations and submit a report. He said an action would be taken against the contractor to whom the contract was awarded for arranging food for employees on the election duty.

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Payment of Taxis Hired for CBI Probe in Kotkhai Gudia Case Pending Since 2 Years, CM Helpline Fails to Resolve Grievance




Kotkhai gudia case cab hired 1

Shimla-Two years ago, when the investigation in Kotkhai custodial death of an accused, Suraj, in Gudiya rape and murder case had begun, two cabs were hired to facilitate transportation of police officials and the team of the Central Bureau of Investigation.

These cabs (Innova) were hired from Safeway Travels, Shimla.

“The Station House Officer (SHO), Sadar Police Station, Sanjeev Gautam, called me to provide two cabs on August 28, 2017, to ferry CBI team to Delhi from Shimla and then Back to Shimla from Delhi. The charges for two cabs amounted to Rs. 28,000,”

Ankit Bhardwaj, the taxi operator, told Himachal Watcher.

“On September 3, 2019, I was again asked to provide two cabs for the same purpose. This time charges for two cabs were Rs. 36,000 (18,000 each). The total payment amounted to Rs. 64,000,”

Ankit added.

He was told that his payment would be cleared by the Office of Superintendent of Police, Shimla. He submitted the bills within a few days. However, he contacted SHO, Sadar, when he did not receive his payment after one month of submission of bills. He was told to visit the SP Office himself to inquire about the same. From the SP office, he was referred to the Office of Deputy Commissioner, Shimla. Since that day, he has been running to and fro between SP Office and DC Office.

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The two offices keep exchanging letters to each other, but no payment was ever cleared.

Ankit said once DC even told him that the office does not have funds to pay his bills. He was even asked to go to the Secretariat and seek payment from HP GAD. In October 2019, the GAD, in response to a letter from the Additional District Magistrate regarding the said payment, replied,

“The vehicles have been hired by the Police Department for CBI team at their own level and GAD is not liable for the payment of vehicles hired by another Department.”

Eventually, disappointed Ankit made a complaint on the Chief Minister Helpline – about which the CM and ruling BJP had been boasting of. To his dismay, his complaint was disposed of without resolving it.
Himachal CM Helpline review

After Ankit filed a complaint through CM Helpline, he was again sent for by the SP, Shimla. He had to search the file at the office himself and then take up the matter with the SP. He was shown a letter addressed to the Director-General of the Polic, and again given assurance that payment would be cleared soon.

The operator is now feeling mentally harassed and has even written to the Chief Minister and the Prime Minister of India to help him get his payment. However, everyone appears to be helpless or unwilling to assist him.

Recently, the Chief Secretary, HP, Shrikant Baldi, had claimed that thousands of complaints were received through the CM Helpline from September 16 to October 15, 2019. He had claimed that 60 percent of the complaints were solved and was appreciating the government departments for the same.

However, recent reviews of the Helpline in media and cases, such as this of Ankit Bhardwaj, indicates that it is just another gimmick in the name of addressing public grievances unless the CM Jairam Thakur does not intervene and seek answers from the responsible departments. The CM had assured that he would monitor the Helpline himself and strong action would be taken against responsible officials if complaints were disposed of without resolving them.

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Sarkaghat – Not Buckling Up Helmet, Rash Driving Cost Youth His Life, Dies of Head Injury in Bike Accident (Video)



sarkaghat bike accident kills youth

Mandi- In a road accident in Sarkaghat of Mandi district, a 24-year-old was killed and the pillion rider was injured on Friday afternoon. As per the police and locals, the bike skid on the ‘Tatahar Pul’ (Bridge) in Nabahi panchayat in Sarkaghat. Two local youth, who were identified as Rishab and Vishal Rana, fell off the bike. Rishab’s head was smashed against the iron railing of the bridge, causing a severe head injury that led to excess bleeding.


A grave mistake and violation of road safety rules cost this youth his life.

“The youth was wearing a helmet but had not buckled it up. When the bike skid, the helmet flew off exposing his head. It was found that the youth was also over-speeding”,

Deputy Superintendent of Police, Sarkaghat, Chander Paul told Himachal Watcher.

“Along with wearing a helmet, buckling it up properly is also a part of traffic rule and there is a penalty if the straps are found loose. This accident is a clear example of how important it is to wear a helmet properly, and not just to avoid a challan,”

DSP added.

A case was registered by the local police for further investigation. The body of the victim would be handed over to his parents after a post-mortem, DSP said.

While the pillion rider was lucky enough not to sustain a head injury, Rishab paid for this mistake with his life.

By the time, he was taken to a nearby hospital by locals, he was dead. Eyewitnesses describe it as a horrible scene as the head of the deceased was almost split open.

This tragic accident is a reminder regarding the violation of traffic rules which are meant for our own safety. The youth would have stood a chance to dodge death in this accident if he had not ignored this crucial road safety rule while riding a two-wheeler.

It’s pertinent to mention that this rule is openly violated in almost every district of Himachal except a few cities like capital Shimla. In rural areas, the number of violators is high.

Moreover, two-wheel riders including cyclist must avoid wearing low-quality helmets because they are cheap. There is nothing more costly than life.


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