A braveheart died while protecting a woman in his neighbor

A braveheart died while protecting a woman in neighborhood

This is Srikant Bhardwaj, who sacrificed his life to help his neighbor when a few drunken men grabbed the woman and dragged her out into the courtyard, abusing her loudly. He drove them once, but they came back within 15 minutes with more men equipped with weapons and gave a brutal beat him and his three friends. Unfortunately, he died due to excessive bleeding and head injury. The eyewitnesses say that he kept calling police, but the police took an hour to travel a distance of less than half a KM.

Shrikant’s wife fainted after witnessing the husband dying in front of her eyes and was in inconsolable condition. He was working as a medical representative and left a wife and two little kids behind, who might find the life much harder than before.

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