Ambulance struck in Traffic Jam at Boileauganj Chowk for 10-15 minutes

Ambulance struck in Traffic Jam at Boileauganj Chowk for over 10-15 minutes

Due to the insensitivity of Shimla’s drivers and the negligence of Shimla traffic police, the 108 ambulances carrying seriously injured victims of the truck accident near Darlaghat (today), remained stuck in traffic for about 10-15 minutes. The traffic jam occurred on Boileauganj Chowk at about 8:30 PM along a narrow patch. A taxi number Alto car caused the traffic jam, and the drivers of confronting vehicles continued to argue while the ambulance siren was continuously buzzing at its full. An aged man tried to call the Boileauganj police station, but no one answered the phone.

The details of the Alto car that caused the traffic jam


The traffic police arrived only after the jam dispersed. A HW member happens to be at the spot, and tried to help. He recorded a short clip of the traffic jam. Clearly, there is no sign of any cop despite the fact that the Boileauganj police station is situated at a little distance of less than 100 meters. Only the passengers from other vehicles and a few locals struggled to open the jam.

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