Charas of Nepalese origin being sold as ‘Malana Cream’

Charas of Nepalese origin being sold as ‘Malana Cream’

nepali charas as malana cream

Chandigarh: A few days ago UT police arrested five Nepalese smugglers and recovered huge quantity of charas. The smugglers were to take it to Kullu. Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) reported that charas of Nepalese origin is being smuggled into Chandigarh and being sold with a label of ‘Malana Cream’

A senior officer of the narcotics control bureau in Chandigarh said: “We conduct strict checks like satellite mapping and raids on the production of charas in Himachal Pradesh. This drug is not easily available in the state and smugglers have now started selling charas imported from Nepal as Malana cream from Himachal Pradesh.

Malana cream from Himachal is much in demand not only in India but also in other countries. Nepalese smugglers benefit from the situation and sell their local charas as Malana cream. They enter India via land route and travel in buses to Chandigarh. The contraband is sold to dealers with help of middlemen.” Times of India

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