Doon MLA made Jyoti dink liquor, threw her on the road,

Doon MLA made Jyoti dink liquor, threw her on the road, then crushed under a truck

PANCHKULA: Himachal Pradesh Congress MLA Ram KumarChaudhary and his three other accomplices had made Jyoti drink liquor inside Chaudhary’s Land Cruiser in Panchkula before she was strangled on the night of November 21, last year. Sources said that police investigations and Chaudhary’s confessions have revealed that after Jyoti got drunk the accused first strangulated her and then threw her on the road and had her crushed under a truck for disfiguring her face so that she is not identified. The truck was driven allegedly by Tilak Raj, a resident of Kangra district in Himachal and who is on the run. Police had also recovered an empty liquor bottle from near the body of Jyoti in Panchkula on November 22. The cops have also got their hands on strands of hair from the clothes of Jyoti, who apparently had struggled to free herself from the clutches of her killers before she was done to death. TNN

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