Future is here: Now control gadgets with your wrist

Future is here: Now control gadgets with your wrist (Video)

A ‘Jedi wristband’ which can control anything from computers and video games to military drones and even your lights with a flick of the wrist is set to go on sale. The Myo device, worn around the forearm, detects the electrical activity produced by the user’s muscles, and also contains its own motion sensing chips. Users can program the band to recognise gestures, swipes and even program functions to each finger.

It also plans to let apps on Android and iOS devices access the band, so it could be used as a new interface for phones and tablets. ‘You can control presentations, video, content, games, browse the web, create music, edit videos, and so much more,’ it says. You can already order this £100 device online for delivery later this year. –DailyMail

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