Himachal to construct mega water supply schemes

Himachal to construct mega water supply schemes

New Delhi- Himachal Pradesh Irrigation and Public Health Minister Vidya Stokes on Tuesday said the state government will construct mega water supply schemes covering cluster of existing schemes based on large perennial sources.

She made the comments while speaking at the National consultation with States on the Rural Drinking Water and Sanitation Sector in New Delhi’s Vigyan Bhawan.

She said that at present 8411 water supply schemes are providing potable water to a population of over 6 million and most of these schemes are based on local resources that are more prone to the adverse effects of climate change, thereby resulting in slippage of habitations and thus necessitating source level augmentation.

She said the state government has formulated eight mega water supply schemes having total cost of Rs. 165 crore benefiting 1.50 lakh population spread over 1105 habitations on the concept of village water security and requested the central government to provide additional funds to the tune of Rs. 165 crore to take up execution of these schemes in the next three years.

Stokes said that at present three such schemes are being executed under Rs. 150 crore grant under the 13th Finance Commission award.

Two schemes in Kangra district have been commissioned while the third one based on Kol dam in Bilaspur district will be completed during 2013-14.

Stokes said under Jalmani Programme 5522 units have been installed till date out of which 1776 have been installed during current financial year against the target of 2000 units.

She told that the state government is giving high importance to water quality monitoring and added that in order to involve the community in water quality testing, 1290 workers have been trained during current financial year using Field Test Kits (FTK) & 4963 tests have been conducted so far.

Beside this 24685 water samples have been tested in the departmental laboratories to check the quality of drinking water.

Stokes said 89.5 percent families are using tap water in the state as per 2011 census as compared to 84.1 percent families during the year 2001.

She said that all the habitations will be provided safe drinking water during the 12th Five Year Plan.

She said that the state has total 53201 habitations out of which 42476 have been provided with safe drinking water facility up to March 2012 and 2530 habitations will be be covered during current financial year 2012-13.

Stokes said that all census villages were provided with safe drinking water facility in mid nineties.

She said state government has made mandatory for all government buildings, institutional buildings, schools, hotels and industrial units to construct rain water harvesting structures and utilize the collected water for purposes such as flushing of water closets, gardening and cleaning.

She said that state government has given top priority to optimum utilization of ground water & its conservation and has enacted Himachal Pradesh Ground Water (Regulation & Control of Development and Management) Act 2005 in order to ensure the balance between natural replenishment and exploitation of ground water.


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