Is Shimla MC ought to remove vines from trees regularly?

I came across a fact that vines creeping around the trees damage or harm them in one way or other. That’s why; a particular amount is allotted to Shimla MC to curb these canopies spreading over the trees in urban areas. But, nothing is done and not even a penny is spent on removing these vines. The trees all over Shimla are shrouded with creepers. Some of them have dried, and many are in queue. My main questions are:


1) Is it possible that these vines could really damage or kill the trees in anyway?

2) Does Shimla MC get money to remove these creeping vines from trees? If yes,

3) Where do these funds go? They are never utilized to remove any of the girdling vines of various types.
I can’t tell you more about how it damages the trees as I am no botanist, but sure there is some point in it. Please, look into the issue and consider it as an environmental concern.

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