Is that really our HP Police or just a loyal slave to the

Is that really our HP Police or just a loyal slave to the Govt.?

Arrested HPU students narrate atrocities of HP Police (VIDEO)
HW talked to the victims of Police brutality and abuse they faced on October 10. They weren’t beaten while the media was present, but they were trashed while being taken to Junga, Shimla. The policemen smoked cigarettes, beedies inside the police vehicle and kept kicking, slapping, and abuse both male and female students. On arrival at Junga, the student asked for water, but the policemen mocked at them. They were made to stay there whole day, but the police didn’t provide them even water.

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These students aren’t criminals. Their only offense was that they were peacefully protesting against the anti-student polices, massive, and unnecessary imposition of CrPC 144 at HPU campus for a prolonged period of over three weeks, and against massive fee hikes at HPU. The new SP, Shimla police seems to have no control over the policemen and the officer.

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