Lakkar Bazar from Shimla Ridge

Respected DFO,

We would like to bring to your notice a serious issue, which could pose a great risk to the lives or cause injuries if not attended urgently. While we enter the road to Lakkar Bazar from Shimla Ridge, approximately 50 meters ahead, a dry branch of considerable size, which is otherwise broken, is hanging right above the road, which is crowed most of the times. It’s tangled in the branch of the trees and would fall down either with strong blow of wind, rain, snowfall, or it might drop on someone’s head due to the monkeys/Langoors, who often jump over these trees, shaking the branches heavily. Before it causes any damage to anyone’s live, please get it removed as soon as possible.

We have attached a few images to help you to locate the spot and the tree without much difficulty.

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