Petrol rates cut by 85 paise a litre from Tuesday

Petrol rates cut by 85 paise a litre from Tuesday

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The decision to cut the price of petrol by 85 paise per litre has evoked mixed reactions from people across the country.

Shiekh Farooq, a hotel manager from Hyderabad, seemed to be disappointed with this move, saying it makes no sense at all.

“If the price has to be reduced then reduce it by at least 10 rupees. This makes no sense and then the Congress will advertise this fact and ask for votes,” he said, while venting his ire against the ruling Congress Party.

Meanwhile, Ashok Godani, a local from Bhopal, termed the whole exercise to be a mere drama.

“This is a day-to-day ‘tamasha’ (drama). The government keeps fooling us,” he said.

Julius Samuel, a resident of Lucknow on his part said that the prices of petrol totally depend on the International market.

“This is an automatic thing. I don’t think why are people making unnecessary noise about it,” he added.

The price of petrol was today cut by 85 paise per litre with effect from Tuesday. This is the second reduction in rates in two weeks.

The price cut, which was made possible because of fall in international oil prices, is excluding local sales tax or VAT.

After including VAT, the reduction in price of petrol in Delhi comes to Rs1.02 per litre and the fuel will cost Rs 67.29 per litre from midnight tonight against Rs68.34 per litre.

The price cut comes on back of the Rs2 a litre reduction in rates effected on March 16. This was the steepest cut in rates in nine months, which after including VAT resulted in a reduction of Rs2.40 a litre in rates

Petrol in Mumbai will cost Rs1.07 less at Rs74.14 per litre. In Kolkata, the price has been cut by an equal measure to Rs74.72. It will cost Rs70.34 a litre in Chennai from tomorrow against Rs71.42 currently.-ANI

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