Shimla Deputy Commissioner’s Toyota car registered as Ambassador DSL in RC

Shimla Deputy Commissioner’s Toyota car registered as Ambassador DSL in RC

An unknown reader submitted a couple of photos in HW UrNews section under ‘I Am Anonymous’ title. The photos showed a car ( HP 03 B 0001) parked besides the state library at the Shimla Ridge and told us that the car carried a blue beacon, but not even a single permit sticker was placed anywhere on the car. The reader asked us whether it’s a compulsory rule to stick the permit to the windshield or anywhere on on a visible space on the vehicles, and that is it liable to penalty for entering and parking on a sealed road.


Interestingly, when HW checked for the registration details using information uploaded on ‘VahSar’, an online Govt. portal, the luxury Toyota car was found registered under Deputy Commissioner’s ownership as an Ambassador DSL 2005 model with Hindustan Motors LTD. as it’s makers. HW took the liberty of joining the registration details with the photos sent by the reader. Perhaps, the RC details weren’t updated by the responsible Govt. Portal and that made a Toyota car an Ambassador. That’s too bad on behalf of the slackers at RTO Office. Don’t insult such a revolutionary invention when our future depends on it. Indian Govt. offices are always last when it’s about the discipline and dedication towards the awarded responsibilities. If not cold blooded dedication, then at least, justify your salary. The guilt and the degenerating moral values will someday prove to be the ghost of the past Christmas.It’s inevitable. Please, do give it a thought.

For now, HW would request the Shimla Traffic Police to throw some light on the following questions and help clear the doubts of the public regarding the same:

1) Is it compulsory to display the restricted /sealed road permits on a visible space on the vehicle?

2) If yes, then does the vehicle shown qualify for a challan for violation of traffic rules if the time and date is provided?

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