We don’t have to tolerate failures of our own Govt.

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Take a look at the list of Govt. schemes which failed miserably. They made people run to the Adhar Card booths multiple times, and now when it’s done, then the authenticity of this very Adhar Card is dismissed. For high security number plates, vehicle owners paid additional fee, and all of them had to replace the old number plate with the new one, but then the court rejects the credibility of the new high security number plates as there was not even a single feature to support its safety claims. The Govt. wasted public money and time. This is a huge failure when seen collectively. We, the citizens of India need to show less tolerance for such blunders. Personal facilities and benefits top the list of priorities for Govts, BJP and Congress. They take their turn to loot the public, and the public tolerate it everytime. Election dates are near. This time, give it a thought, and try to bring change by making change in the choice to whom you vote.

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