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HW Digital Marketing

When we conceived HW it was never a business idea. It was just an extension of a bunch of concerned citizens. We envisioned a community of similar concerned citizens, who wanted to bring about a definitive change in our slacking society. We hoped to build a fearless forum where everyone would voice their grievances against the system and force actions. We have been truest to our motive, we never tried to leverage on cheap viral trends and barrage of rephrased copies having no originality whatsoever.

Today, we take pride in our completely organic community of 15,000+ people, reach of 3lakhs and priceless results in terms of improvement brought about to the state of roads, awareness against air pollution and callous deforestation. It assuages us to see that with the collective efforts of the HW community, we have been able to collect significant help for those in need like the 8-year-old Muskan, who was cruelly set on fire by her own father, or those people who send us hundreds of grievances every day, stating their plight. They instil immense confidence and hope in us that we can bring their predicaments to the notice of the concerned bodies, protest against injustice and wake up the apathetic system.

Now we’ve reached a stage where this community is multiplying on its own, quadrupling the number of grievances and social issues that people want us to take up and get them to the surface. Now we feel the need for more helping hands, for more power to put a greater influence. Now we feel the need for funds to support those who’ve been volunteering with us for half a decade without getting a penny in return.

We invite organizations and brands, who might be into money-making businesses yet stay highly conscious about their social responsibility. We invite talents who’ve created novel business ideas, not stereotypical of anything, to come and get promoted across various digital platforms with our years of expertise and insight about the market.
We are excited to introduce HW, now also a digital marketing agency, to serve as your fully-devoted digital business department, helping you promote and transform your product/brand across several disciplines on Digital Media.


Contact: -hwpr [at] himachalwatcher [dot] com