Is This Place Authorised For Hoardings ?

How often do we appreciate the beauty of the world we live in or raise the voice against something that we feel is wrong and shouldn’t happen? I am posing this question for a very genuine reason; for here I have come up with the topic that will leave you wondering as to why and how could somethings go unnoticed.

Examples of reckless attitude towards precious trees in the city do not seem to end. Everywhere we can read “Keep Shimla clean & green”. Deforestation has become one of the most serious issues in the state but the trees that are helping Shimla sustain the greenery are being strangely used for commercial purposes. The trees everywhere are serving as free locations to hang advertisements and notice boards.
The best source of fresh air in the surroundings are ill-treated and used as a mere disgusting advertising tool. The strangest thing is that the honorable chief minister’s residence is located just a few meters from the location where such scenario can be well noticed. Also, the deputy forest minister crosses such places where anyone other than him can notice the trees being used as advertising tool and still there’s no heed being paid towards destroying the green beauty around the city.

Municipal Corporation Shimla grants permission for installation of hoarding and advertisement boards for the specified period of time after which these are supposed to be removed. There are authorized places for advt./hoardings/banners that are issued by MC Shimla. There are certain rules and regulations regarding the placement of various tools used for advertisements.

Sh. Uday Raj has been serving people/companies in Shimla for advertisements without even bothering about following the norms set by MC Shimla. He has been installing hoardings at tree in an unauthorized way and playing with the rules and regulations of advertisements. According to MC Shimla rules and regulations it is compulsory to mention application number, starting date and expiry date on advertisement boards otherwise the advertisements would be destroyed by MC Shimla but the rule is easily violated and we can’t spot such details on hoardings, boards and banners.

MC, CM, forest department, advertising agencies or the individuals; who is to be blamed? Aren’t we contributing in destructing the natural beauty we are blessed with by remaining quite and ignoring such issues?

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