[Update] Public suffers due to unauthorized parking of trucks at Sankat Mochan

A local resident living near Sankat Mochan Tample, wrote to HW complaining about the monopolistic and bullying behavior shown by the owner of M/S Raghu Enterprise. Every day, the trucks, which bring the milk supply to his shop located in Sankat Mochan, are parked inappropriately for unloading, which creates problem for other vehicles and most of the times results in traffic jams. When we asked for the confirmation of the problem, then the complainer sent us the following images.

According to the complainer, every day, a great number of devotees come to visit Sankat Mochan Temple. The popularity and the religious relevance of the Temple make it a busy place with a population of over 700 and the roadside doesn’t offer enough space to park big vehicles. The schoolchildren, office going people, and the visitors, all suffers due to the traffic jam created by these trucks. The complainer says, they approached to the owner many times asking him to find a proper parking space to avoid daily traffic jams, but the requests were ignored and the same behavior is being repeated every day.

Making others suffer for personal convenience is highly unethical. Such a ridiculous behavior is very common in people who have authority, wealth, and political patrons, but doesn’t have the sense of responsibility regarding the rights of other citizens. Himachal Watcher always seeks to help the public to raise voice against any unauthorized activity on the part of both, government and public, and we try our best to bring the attention of concerned government department.

The present complaint has been forwarded to Traffic Police Shimla and we hope, the department will solve the issue as soon as possible.

Update On Complaint:

SHO PS West is directed to look in to the matter and take legal action under low and dispose off the grievance with in 5 days.

Update On Complaint:Solved:In this regard it it is submitted that in this matter inquiry made by HC Devender singh No 54 I/O PS West Shimla .Three challan under MV Act has been done and the owners of the vehicles
[specially M / S Ragu interprizes ]has been instructed in this regard.

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