Demanding HRTC bus service Mandi

Villagers in Mandi on chain fast for bus service

Demanding HRTC bus service Mandi

Demanding HRTC bus service on the Thalot-Didar road, villagers of Didar in Seraj have started a chain hunger strike. They said all pleas had fallen on deaf ears and they had no other alternative, but to resort to the hunger strike till the HRTC started the bus service in the area.

Mandi: Gathering under the banner of the Democratic Youth Federation of India (DYFI), the villagers charged that the HRTC had not started the bus service on the Thalot-Didar road even after seven months. “We have to travel on foot and cross the bridge on the Beas to catch a bus to Mandi,” they said.

Meer Chand, coordinator, Bali Chowki, DYFI, said earlier also they had staged a protest, but to no avail. The former Transport Minister diverted buses to Dharampur without justification, the villagers alleged.-TNS

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