An initiative by HPU students: Free classes to poverty-ridden children


A group of HPU students initiated Project BIHAAN to provide free remedial classes to the children belonging poor section of society, started with the children of labourers working in HPU Campus

India today has the biggest productive manpower in the world meaning thereby that we are the most youthful nation with 60% population below the age of 45 years. If the Youth determined to change the system, no one can stop him. There is just a mere need of motivation. This is what has been rightly proved by the students of Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla.

Having been conceived as a dream of 2 gentlemen at HPU Boys Hostel, RC Group (A group of like-minded youngsters who aim to bring about a change in the society) has today grown into a team of more than 50 tireless volunteers. The letters RC are an acronym of the word Ron-de-Chakk meaning ‘Be happy & Make Others Happy As well’. Today, RC Group is not a one-man army but a number of dedicated selfless volunteers from all realms of study who themselves are gaining their higher education in Himachal Pradesh University.


As its maiden activity, RC Group has started a new initiative named Project BIHAAN (VIHAAN in modified language) to provide free remedial classes to the children belonging to the deprived and ignored sections of society. The children mainly constitute the wards of the migrant labourers who are working in the construction of various new departmental blocks of HPU Campus. The government provides for Right to Education as guaranteed by The Constitution of India, but the enactment of such rights is the real issue. The weaker students are always ignored in the government schools as the job security of the teacher is not an issue. RC group has taken up this task of proving the students what they actually
deserve: Right to be taught not just worldly curriculum but also the spiritual essence and rich cultural heritage of our nation which was once considered to be the Vishva Guru.

Project BIHAAN was officially inaugurated by the team of RC group on 21st March 2013, Thursday.Through this project, each member of RC group will utilize his one hour (otherwise wasted in chatting and roaming in campus) to teach these children. Taking care of the necessities of these children, the group also distributed clothes, stationary items, books and refreshments to these students.


The Motto of RC group is “All are equal as created by the almighty”. Shrimad Bhagwad Geeta says, “MAANAV SEWA, MADHAV SEWA”, so this is the way RC group is serving the Lord.

The most important fact to be highlighted is that the children for whom Project Bihaan has been started are equivalent to the precious gems which any other Convent school in the city would project as their assets. The intelligence and IQ level is so high that they grasp whatever is taught once, within no time. If this remains the receptiveness of these students, I am sure one day they will create a niche for themselves sidelining the glorious and struggle sum history of Dhirubhai & Steve Jobs.

God may continue to give this group the requisite strength to keep the noble cause going on and on for the times to come.

As this initiative has been started in the HP University campus and is all in all a student initiative, any student pursuing his degree in HPU Campus and willing to contribute towards this noble cause in any way (contributing time, stationary, books or clothes) is always welcome to join us. Moral support is another way to applaud the selfless efforts of these students of HPU.
If you wish to Join Us, feel free to contact us at: 94182 48530 or 98163 28734

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