Prof. Vijay Paul Sharma

Guest Talk on Emerging Trends in Indian Economy: Concepts & Policy options

Prof. Vijay Paul Sharma

By Prof. Vijay Paul Sharma, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad

“Subsidies, a topic on which no politician or policy-maker would prefer to speak publically, is actually a major issue of concern for the Indian government. Subsidies should be targeted in a manner such that only the needy stratum of the society gets to reap the maximum benefits.” said Prof. Vijay Paul Sharma, Chairman, Centre for Management in Agriculture, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad.

Addressing the management students at HP University Business School, Shimla in a guest talk organized by HPUBS Students Association, Shimla, the learned professor from IIM-Ahmedabad said that rather than criticizing the states that are doing well in terms of growth & development, the centre & states that lag behind, should learn from the former. Mr. Vijay gave a detailed factual description of the present economic scenario in the country based on recent statistical data.


He said that the private sector’s focus must shift from urban-centric consumers to rural areas. Raising a question, he said that how can we expect our economy to grow if the largest contributor i.e. Agriculture sector is growing just at a rate of 2.5%. He said that the problem with our economy is due to the gap between Demand & Supply, where demand is increasing at a faster pace whereas supply is inadequate to meet the demand mainly due to technological & basic infrastructural constraints.

In his concluding remark, Prof. C. L. Chandan, Director, HPUBS Shimla said that this talk by Prof. Vijay was a fruitful one with the students of HPUBS getting to learn a lot about the present economic scenario of the country.
Er. Vishal Sharma, Departmental Representative, HPUBS Shimla extended the vote of thanks on behalf of HPUBS Students Association (the organizing body of this guest talk).

Faculty members of HPUBS Shimla, Prof. C.L. Chandan, Prof. Yashwant Gupta, Prof. S.L. Kaushal, Prof. Pawan Garga, Prof. Pramod Sharma, Prof. J.S. Parmar & Prof. Dinesh Sharma and executive members of HPUBS Students Association, Er. Abhinav Sharma, Mr. Sachin Wadhawan, Mr. Vipul Mahajan, Mr. Abhinav Gakhar, Ms. Srishti Guleria, Ms. Silkina Mankotia were present in the event.


Prof. Vijay Paul Sharma, a native of Himachal Pradesh, presently holds the position of Chairman, Centre for Management in Agriculture, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. He possesses 15 years of rich experience in Academics.

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