Negligent Shimla ‘bus driver death race’ continues unperturbed (Video)

SHIMLA- On June 15, an 8-years old girl was crushed by a HRTC bus at Nadukhar village in Basantpur, Shimla. She was dragged to a distance of about 80-feet before the driver pulled over the bus. Dailies reported two buses were competing in order to fetch more passengers. This obsession for overtaking the other bus resulted in a case of high-speed tragedy or a culpable homicide. Try to imagine the body of that little girl.

She was in third class and was on her way to School that morning. At 8:35 AM, while she was crossing the road after getting off the bus, an HRTC bus (HP-03B-6231) ran over her. She died on the spot. The driver fled from the scene and surrendered at Sunni Police Station.

Basantpur bus accident

However, the tournament is moving on without interruption in Shimla. The competition is growing among private bus drivers. The private bus drivers make every effort to take over HRTC buses in order to fetch the passengers before others. Same competition has created grudges between local HRTC and private bus operators. As always, the public is suffering each and every day while traveling in local transport.

Take a look at the Video showing private bus drivers speeding at a speed of 60-70 KM/h, unsafe overtaking at bus stoppages, and accelerating buses while the passengers still hanging at doors. The drivers are always in hurry and they don’t even wait for passengers to properly board on.

Clearly visible, the buses can be seen driving insanely and playing tricks at bus stoppages. A bus stoppage is the best time to overtake and park the bus in such a way that create obstruction for rivals.

It’s a routine in Shimla. A few years back, a lady was crushed by a private bus near HP High Court on Cartroad, Shimla. Two buses were racing and one of them stopped near High Court to drop and pick passengers. The driver of the first bus intentionally obstructed the road for the bus behind it. The driver parked the bus in the middle of the road so that the one behind him could not overtake. However, the one at rear tried to overtake from the wrong-side and ended with badly crushed a lady to death.

No one took a lesson from that culpable homicide. Same bloody business is going on in front of traffic police.

The negligence of Shimla Traffic Police is justified if you take a look at this video:

Whenever people die in road accidents, the government makes usual statements offering condolences to the family of deceased with some compensation. The transport minister and the Chief Minister always criticiz and throw promises of taking stringent steps to check negligent and unsafe driving by bus drivers in future.

The traffic police of Shimla is an onlooker. They move only during VVIP movement. Not all of them are negligent towards their duties, but most of them surely are.

The only thing that traffic policemen know here about traffic management and their role is to make sure that vehicles keep moving. Absence of traffic jams means perfection for Himachal’s traffic police. We never saw or heard traffic police checking over-speeding and unsafe and inappropriate driving habits of HRTC and private bus drivers.

The private and public transport staff – the drivers and conductors – are ill mannered in terms of their behavior while driving on hilly roads. They do not care where and at what speed they overtake.

This is not it. Take a look at the pictures sent to us readers with complaints regarding use of cellphone by bus drivers while driving.


The number of deaths in road accidents in Himachal is rising due to unsafe and negligent driving.

According to the report released by National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) on accidental deaths has ranked Himachal third state with highest deaths in road accidents. The report revealed:

The number of deaths due to road accidents in 2013 stood at 1,056 (864 males and 192 females) in a total of 2,981 road accident cases in 2013. In these accidents, 5,232 people were injured, including 4,200 males and 1,032 females.

The drivers are careless and some are even driving for years without or with purchased driving licenses. Shimla traffic police is an example of complete failure so far.

All that traffic policemen need to do is to issue a ticket for any particular traffic rule violator they come across. The policemen do not need to argue or to engage in verbal spat, neither it need to use physical force. If the violator believes that the challan was not justified, he/she can contest it in the court for justice. The constitution has given them right to justice. The challans will boost revenue generation as well as help establish discipline among drivers. Zero tolerance towards traffic rule violations; that’s what Himachal presently need.

We will request the transport minister GS Bali to look into the matter. The public and private transport as well as carriage vehicle drivers must be made more responsible as the life of passengers lies in their hands. Along with stringent implementation of traffic rules by police, the government need to sensitize, educate and aware drivers and conductors through government programs and workshops.

Establish zebra-crossings and start educating pedestrians to cross the road only at these crossing. Presently, the pedestrians jump onto the road from anywhere, anytime in order to cross it. The traffic congestion is on rapid rise in Shimla along with its population. Not only the number of vehicles on roads has increased but that of people has also risen. Now, more pedestrians’ crawls on traffic hit Shimla roads.

Therefore, for Shimla, it’s time for some lessons in driving manners, use of commonsense and strictness in implementation of already defined rules. We hope the transport minister and HP Traffic Police will consider it an issue of immediate concern.

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