Did we pass on anything better to Dev Bhoomi in 2016?

SHIMLA- These are some of the pictures taken today morning, on Jan 1, 2016 – first day of the New Year and they clearly depict that the pace of social awakening in our society is too slow to keep up with the modern civilization.

In 2016, public and private transport is still seen choking the city in vehicular emissions. The Municipal Corporation’s sanitation workers and public are adding to already polluted air by burning garbage including plastic in open instead of collecting and transporting it to a solid waste treatment facility, which Shimla doesn’t have. Those cab owners near Sanjuali are neither aware nor care about health and ecological hazard of burning tyres. There is no excuse to burn plastic and rubber like that. Dev Bhoomi, especially crowded cities like Shimla are in no position to compromise with air pollution.

Very basic facilities, such as safe and maintained footpaths didn’t see any improvement in 2015 as well and were passed on to public in the same condition in 2016. For last three-four years, HPPWD couldn’t build even a single rain-shelter or public toilet some of the most crowded bus stoppages, like at the Shimla bypass crossing and the MLA stoppage.

Like every passing year, this year, too, passed and people gave it a rocking farewell on the New Year Eve. Every year, we wish people will adopt better attitude in their life-styles, will be more responsible for preserving the ecology and beauty of Dev Bhoomi. We wish for more awareness of and respect toward one’s civic duties. We need to learn that, when in public spaces, common interest of the society must be at the top of our priority list. We hope that 2016 will have something better to pass on to 2017.

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