Himachal Animal Husbandry department

Himachal scientists claim mastery in cow embryo transfer technique

SHIMLA- Himachal Animal Husbandry department has added yet another feather to its cap by mastering the technique of embryo transfer in cows. In addition to earlier cross breed calves produced through this Technique, it has now got a female calf of indigenous Red Sindhi breed born through the use of Red Sindhi embryo from a surrogate mother of Jersey breed.

Animal Husbandry Minister Anil Sharma stated today that the female calf of indigenous Red Sindhi breed born on 28 December 2015 is the feat of Germany trained veterinarians of the Embryo Transfer Technology Laboratory Palampur. This calf on attaining motherhood will be a source of pure high genetic potential indigenous cows/bulls.

Embryo transfer technology was a breakthrough in reproductive technology in which fertilized eggs from high pedigree female referred to as donor are removed from her reproductive tract and transferred to the reproductive tract of synchronized surrogate mother referred to as receipt for development to term.

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