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HPU girl’s excellent reply to VC Bajpai’s ridiculous remarks about female participation in protests



The student protest at HP University against anti-student policies, ridiculously massive fee hikes, poor implementation of RUSA, lack of basic facilities along with many other critical issues, is about to complete two months. Not just one student organization, but others are also protesting against the same. However, instead of considering the unrest among students, the Vice Chancellor ADN Bajpai made absurd comment when the girls joined the protest.

According to him, it’s unethical for girls to participate in protest.

ADN Bajpai comment on girl protestors

Here is what a girl has replied to the VC in a letter:  

Respected Sir,

Today, when I read the newspaper, I was amused with your statement which was published  in papers. It mentioned the concern that you have for the student community of this very University.

The newspapers stated that you care about your students a lot and you worry about there health and propriety as well. If this care, this worry is real then why was RUSA introduced? If this care is for real then why you have made massive hikes in fee Structure without providing facilities to the students? If you are really concerned about the health of students then why we do not have MI rooms in our hostels? Why there are no sanitation facilities?  Why the one and only dispensary of the university lacks sufficient staff and facilities?

Coming to the second part of the statement. It was stated that before taking part in any strike and protest, which according to you is unethical, students have to take permission of there parents?

In reply to this statement, I really have to ask a simple question: Have you ever taken into consideration the financial conditions of majority of parent before implementing this ridiculous fee hike?

Did you give a though to parent’s conditions, there job profile, there livelihood?.

As a matter of fact, I want to make it clear that all the university students are above above 18 years of age. We all have constitutional right to individually and independently vote and elect a government. If we have independent right to get married and start a family without the content of our parents, then why we do not have the right to take part in strikes and protests? Why according to you it mandatory for us girls to take permission of parents before participating in strikes?

The care you expressed in your second statement revolves specially around the girl students. You clearly said, “Girls should take permission of their parents before participating in protests and strikes.”

Being a girl, this special focus on girl students is very difficult for me to understand and to digest. Being a part of this intellectual environment provided by this university, we always talk about equality and parity. Then why this special Focus?

The orthodox society of ours says that – before marriage your parents are my world, and that you should always do things as they say. After marriage it is your husband who is in command of your life. Then comes your children, and that they are your world.

Throughout the lifetime we girls have to play different roles, wear different identities to please the society. Why we cannot be individuals and independent. Why our identity is always linked with the identity of our parents, husband and children?

It is said,

Education is the ultimate weapon with which we can eliminate this orthodox thinking,

When we enter the university, we girls have this dream of making our own identity.  This university is the place where we take our own decision, learn to stand out in the crowd,  make our own identity. But how can we expect to dream independently and live free when the highest authority, the Vice Chancellor of our university, is asking us to take permission from parents regarding each decision? How can we grow as individual in such environment? How can we strengthen our individuality if such statements on our freedom continue? It is something which is not at all expected from the Vice Chancellor of any university.

At the end, all I want to say is that if you really concerned about the students, then instead of giving statements in newspapers and showing vague concerns, take appropriate steps towards developing the university by upgrading the standard of education and work towards the welfare of students in reality.

With Regards

Aditi Guleria

MBA Dept

HP University

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Nauni Varsity Admissions Open for Diploma in Fruit, Vegetable Processing & Bakery



Nauni-varsity-admissions-for-diploma 2019

Solan-The Dr YS Parmar University of Horticulture and Forestry (UHF), Nauni has invited applications for its one-year Diploma in Fruit and Vegetable Processing and Bakery products for the academic session 2019-20.

The diploma is run by the Department of Food Science and Technology of the university. The main objective of the programme is to train the students to start their enterprises in the field of food processing and bakery items.

The minimum educational qualification for this diploma programme is Class 10+2 with at least 40 per cent with no age cap for admission. The last date of application is September 16, 2019, and the counselling will be held on September 18 at 11:00 am in the office of the Dean, College of Horticulture, Nauni.

A total of 35 seats are available in the programme. Prospectus and application form can be downloaded from the university website.

Download Prospectus/Admission Form

To enable more applicants to apply for the diploma programme, the university charges a nominal fee of Rs 5000 for the one-year programme. Besides, the programme has also been linked to the Skill Development Allowance scheme of the Government of Himachal Pradesh. Any person enrolled in the programme can also apply for this allowance.

The applicants need to attach copies of Class 10 and 12 detailed marks sheet, character certificate from the head of the school last attended or from a gazetted officer or concerned Gram Panchayat Pradhan and self-attested copy of reservation certificate(if applicable) along with the form.


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ABVP Locks Down Main Gate of Solan College, Burns CM’s Effigy, Demands Restoration of SCA Elections



Solan-The voices of student organizations seeking restoration of direct elections to the Students’ Central Association are getting lauder. Today, Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) staged an aggressive protest at Solan Degree College. The students locked down the main gate of the college at 9:30 AM over the demand of restoring SCA elections and for declaration of pending results. ABVP said that it is a democratic right of the students and state government and HPU authority are deliberately depriving them of it.

ABVP Solan COllege Protest 2

The students also burnt an effigy of the Chief Minister Jairam Thakur. ABVP alleged that prior to elections, Bharatiya Janata Party had made a promise to restore SCA elections after coming to power. However, it did not keep its words.

ABVP Solan COllege Protest

The gate was opened at 12:00 PM only after the Sub-Divisional Officer, Solan, Tehsildar, and Deputy Superintendent of Police arrived at the college and convinced the students.

The President of ABVP’s Solan unit, Shubham Rathore, warned the state government that if no positive step was taken in regard to restoring SCA elections, more aggressive protests would be organized across the state.

All major student organizations, ABVP, SFI, and NSUI, have been demanding direct elections to the SCA, which were banned in 2014.

However, on September 2, 2019, on the recommendations of the High-Power Committee, the HPU authority decided that elections would be held on a nomination basis, and there would be no direct elections.

ABVP Solan COllege Protest 3

It implied that no elections would be held and students would not be able to cast their vote to elect suitable leaders (members) for the SCA but the university authority would nominate them. Similarly, the Department Representatives would be nominated by the Chairpersons/Directors of the Departments.

Both SFI and ABVP had been alleging that corruption has reached at its peak at HPU campus and voices of the students were being suppressed through various tricks and gimmicks. The varsity has adopted a dictatorial attitude and imposing its Tughlaqian orders on students.

The organizations alleged that this the main reason that the varsity does not want to hold direct elections. SCA elected by students would resist and expose the ongoing corruption, irregularities in administrative working, and lack of facilities at the varsity.

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ABVP HPU Demands Additional Buses for Day Scholars and Replacement of Old Ones



ABVP HPU Demands New Buses for day scholars

Shimla-The Himachal Pradesh University unit of Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) on Wednesday gheraoed the pool officer over shortage of bus facility for day scholars.

ABVP warned the varsity administration that if additional buses were not provided for day scholars, then no vehicles of officials and teachers would be allowed to enter the campus.

Unit Secretary Ankit Chandel said the varsity buses are being overloaded and some of the buses like ‘Neel’ have completed run of over 2 lakh kilometres. Still, these old buses are in operation, which is a joke with the lives of the students, Ankit said.

With the introduction of new courses at the varsity, the number of students has also increased, which is resulting in overloading in institute’s buses, he said.

He also said that the varsity buses are running without conductors, which makes them vulnerable to accidents.  

ABVP demanded that new buses are purchased as soon as possible. Meanwhile, services of  HRTC buses are availed temporarily.  The Organizations warned that it will not tolerate any compromise with the safety of the studetns. It would not hesitate in launching a massive protest if the demands are not met.

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