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House in Strawberry Hills Shimla damaged as retaining wall collapses


SHIMLA- After a newly constructed four-story building collapsed on Sanjauli-Dhali bypass a couple of days ago, yesterday evening, a house in Strawberry Hills, Shimla sustained damaged as SMC (Shimla MC) retaining wall right in front of the door suddenly collapsed.

A 22-years-old boy, who is living in the building as tenant, was trapped inside his room as the debris blocked the door.  The doors and windows were shattered by debris that entered the house. He remained trapped for about one and half hour before being safely recovered after arrival of Shimla MC Staff including Councillor Surinder Chauhan.  Laborers removed debris and grills with the help of neighbors. The building was identified as Gupta Niwas.

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Noticeably, the house is located in a congested locality and with a very trivial gap between the wall of the house and the retaining wall – a feature typical of rapidly constructed buildings in Shimla city.

While work of removing debris was still on, SMC ensured that a new retaining wall will be constructed soon.  As monsoon rains lashed Shimla, many such incidents have been reported from various localities. However, no causalities are reported so far. Landslides and collapse of retaining structures has become more and more frequent as over-construction has exerted massive stress on hilly slopes of capital city Shimla.



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