Baddi ASP Gaurav Singh

Baddi ASP transfer case reaches HP High Court, unrest erupts in public, comes out in officer’s support

SHIMLA- People in Himachal Pradesh have come in support of IPS Gaurav Singh, who had become the hero of people and terror to mining and drug mafia in Baddi—Barotiwala- Nalagarh (BBN) region – hub of mafias.

The RTI Association Solan and an Advocate, Rajiv Kaundal, have filed a petition in the High Court of Himachal Pradesh hailing the decision of transfer as highly unconstitutional act by the Congress MLA – a complete misuse of power given to a representative to safeguard his wife.

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Officer had challaned a truck owned by wife of Congress MLA Ram Kumar for carrying illegally mined quarry material without any permission (M-form) on the night of August 2-3.The officer was transferred soon after the MLA met the Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh on August 4. Surprisingly, the CM, who is already busy facing his ghosts of past Christmas, the corruption charges, and barely have time to attend public affairs, took no time taking side of mafia instead of the officer.

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  The petitioner held it an insult of an honest police officer who had taken on the mafia menace in the BBN region – bordering area already known as hub of various mafias run by politicians under patronage of state government.  It is highly unethical to use political influence and misuse state machinery to transfer such officers on demand of mafia, pleaded the petitioner. The mining activity is also causing heavy damage to the ecology, rivers, and rivulets, but still it is run with impunity under government’s patronage, the petition further alleged.

The petition will be heard on August 10 and if the court finds it relevant enough, it will be considered as a PIL for further proceedings.

The growth of mafia influence in the BBN region is on alarming level and substance and drug abuse have hit local society too. Administrative officials who acted against mafia have been openly attacked in the past and live in fear because their own government takes side of the mafia like in the current case. When the government has turned as internal enemy of the state, then the High Court is the next big hope for justice.

If the court fails to do it (which it often does), it becomes the responsibility of the media to inform people of this failure of their elected government, judiciary and all institutions meant to protect public interests.  People decide the last stand in a democracy provided they could stand together in testing times.

Social media has provided a highly powerful medium through which people can connect from every part of the state or nation or world. In current scenario, social media is the virtual, but real-time reflection of our society and it does matter.

People shoud not be afraid of governments; governments should be afraid of its people. When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.

Currently, this IPS officer needs support that the people must deliver through any medium possible.  Also, it is high time that the demand for police reforms is fueled.  The institution of police is over-exploited by governments and police officers are treated like puppets – a mental harassment that discourages policemen to remain indiscriminate and dutiful.

Photo: Amar Ujala



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