Café Under Tree – Fall in love with Shimla hills over a cup of tea

SHIMLA- It’s a scene from a movie; having a cup of coffee while sitting in the balcony of a house amid an evergreen forest, tranquil and mystique, fog crawls through it. Nature is a healer but urbanization has no place for it in cities choking in vehicular and industrial pollution, where air is always dusty and that honking of hundreds of vehicles at the same time never seems to stop, and to which city people have adapted.


Well, at least, a part of this scene can come true in Shimla – capital city of Himachal Pradesh, once known as ‘queen of hills’. Among good cafes in Shimla, Café Under Tree is a new and unique addition. Considering traffic vows and struggle for parking cars, this place is blessed with ample parking space.


Spread across an area of 1400 square feet, it is nestled amidst Deodar forest of Jakhu- highest peak of Shimla at 2,455 meters.It is barely 2-3 kilometers from the Shimla Mall.


Through large façade of transparent glass, a foggy evening would make you fall in love with hills.


It just sinks into your head and you just never want to leave the place. The music is great; food is even better, and the hosts are humble with a good sense of hospitality. Café Under Tree has caught everyone’s attention in a short span of time, and it does not surprise the kind of influx it has at peak hours.


The café made mostly from deodar wood is encapsulated between trees. In fact, the architecture, designed by architect Toito Sema (from Nagaland), is inspired by a leaf-like design to justify the name -Café Under Tree. It is worth mention that the wood used in the construction of this café is totally reclaimed. Not even a single tree has been felled for it.

Interiors talk of the effort put into the planning of the café. Wooden lamps are the catchiest elements that the owner has designed himself.


They have spot lighting filaments which can be turned  up or down depending on the natural lighting.

In a portion of the café, there is large display of cutlery and other decorative items. The raw architecture is fused into a modern look that makes it charming enough places to hang out with friends.


Café Under Tree is and has ample space for parking. For those who want to explore the place the conventional way, that is walking, it is well worth the effort.


From parking, you need to take a few stairs to reach the cafe.


Views from both the inside and outside are simply unique. Being high up on the Jakhu peak, you’ll encounter mist playing a game of hide and seek with the sun and clouds, now and then. On bright shining days, with your beverage, there are beautiful sunsets and sunrises.


Just like the café ambience, the food served here is simply amazing. Café has a chef who previously worked with Oberoi Group and has an experience of 16 years.


We enjoyed a mouth-watering sandwich, crunchy Masala Dosa, lemon tea and the popular Chola Bhatura. The food was delicious, we must admint, and non-oily which goes well for the diet conscious lot.


After it, with the generous owners Akshay Pandit and Shrey Pandit, we had a look at the kitchen and chatted with the chef as well.

I and my brother Shrey are living the dream of our father who has always wanted to bring good to the city. He has a vision to serve good food to the locals and tourists and that’s what we envision about Café Under Tree,

said Akshay.

That’s not all. The owners are planning expansion in future.

Café Under Tree is going to undergo serious expansion as we are planning to organize evening woffes and late night dinners,

said Shrey Pandit

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