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Himachal ignoring bad roads, absence of reflectors and guard grills, poor signage as cause of accidents

SHIMLA- Count of fatal accidents in Himachal has reached alarming level and there is rarely any week that goes without reporting casualties in one or other accident. Mostly, the blame is put on drivers based on eyewitness statement and some other relevant aspects are entirely ignored in police investigations. Drivers, too, are not always innocent, but poor condition of roads and engineering errors in them do count. This ignorance is one reason rate of accidents in not coming down, and it is likely to stay same if the government does not wake up from its slumber.

Dr Rohit Baluja, the president of Institute of Road Traffic Education, also Director of College of Traffic management, Faridabad, in a statement published in The Tribune, said human errors like negligent and drunken driving, overspeeding and overtaking notwithstanding bad condition of roads and vehicles, violation in constructions along the roadside and absence of reflectors are also responsible for accidents to a great extent, said

He is in here for three-day capacity building programme on traffic management for Himachal Pradesh police, said accidents on national highways and state highways accounts for 34 per cent and 19 per cent, respectively, of the total road accidents in the state.

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Citing example of Bajroli Pul accident near Theog in May this year in which 22 persons were killed, he said the study conducted by the institute in the instant case revealed that the bus did not meet the fitness parameters, width of the road was only seven meters, the carriageway was four meters and a sharp bend with potholes was spotted making driving hazardous.

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Suggesting that the condition of the roads should be improved and guard grills be erected, Dr Baluja that these steps should be taken immediately to avoid such accident in future.

Quoting another example of the Aut tunnel in Mandi district, where eight accidents took place during 2015-16, he said it was observed that there was no reflective marking, lights were dim, there was over speeding while overtaking and high beam dazzling lights of vehicles were the factors mainly responsible for accidents. “There is no second chance for commuters in a hilly state like Himachal and as many as 1,086 persons lost their lives in road accidents in the state in 2015.

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Stating that the teams of the institute also observed that 90 per cent of the signages were not as per the standards and vehicles are intercepted at curves for checking, etc. He suggested suitable amendments in Himachal Motor Vehicle Act to give more teethe to police.

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