Over 2,000 Himachal families living in lavish multi-story buildings found wrongly enjoying BPL schemes

SHIMLA- In an inspection carried out by government, thousands of wealthy families in various districts of Himachal Pradesh were found taking benefits of government schemes by obtaining Below Poverty Line (BPL) status through fraudulent means. During re-checking, it was found that people with multi-story buildings equipped with expensive amenities had managed to get BPL status.

In 11 districts of the state, government found 2085 families still securing benefits under BPL schemes while 70 families have removed their names from the list. It was revealed after government took the decision to recheck the list to identify the wrong beneficiaries. Also, the culprits became more visible after state government directed administrations to install name plates bearing name of the head of the family and members outside houses of people listed under BPL category.

A number of families in Sundernagar living in lavish houses were found to have declared themselves to be in BPL category to wrongly snatch the share of deserving families.

The number of such fraud families was found to be highest in district Bilaspur while Shimla reported least number of such cases. So far, around 1335 influential families in Bilaspur are in the BPL list while in Mandi 271 families, in Hamirpur 218 families, in Solan 16 families, in Kullu 21 families, in Una 48 families, in Chamba 174 families and in Shimla 2 families were found enjoying benefits of BPL despite belonging to Above Poverty Line.

Data from Kangra, largest district is still awaited. Officials have estimated the number to reach 3,000 on arrival of complete data. As per government, process of removing these people from the list has been initiated.

Not only the procedure via which such people managed to breach the system is questionable, but it also reflect degraded section of society that doesn’t hesitate to wrongly arrogate share of people who are actually in need of benefits under BPL schemes. Along with removal, legal action is also required against such families.

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