Shocking: Himachal’s poverty stricken, elderly woman has been eating plastic bags to survive

SOLAN- Poverty in today’s material world is a curse and poor are forced to experience hell on earth. The schemes that government announces for the poor and economically weak sections of society rarely reach those who actually need them. Himachal Pradesh Government is also not concerned about homeless and elderly in need of care. Right to Life provided under Article 21 of the Indian Constitution is a cruel, ironical joke with poor.

Tara Devi- a 52-years-old deaf and dumb woman, a resident of Dharot region in Sirmaur district of Himachal Pradesh is one such live example. She was reported to have been eating plastic out of hunger. The matter came into light after a local found her ill and suffering and brought her to a doctor in regional Hospital Solan.

The doctor ran tests on her and spotted a sort of sphere-shaped nest inside her stomach. Earlier, the doctor presumed it to be a ball of hair and recommended immediate surgery to remove it.

However, the doctor was shocked on discovering cluster of plastic threads used in cement-packaging. It appeared to be like a bird nest. According to the doctor, about 7-feet long plastic threads had created a cluster and had blocked her digestive system.

The doctor said that anesthesia administration was a challenging task as the woman wasn’t able to speak or hear. The doctor successfully conducted the operation and now her condition is improving.

The local lady who brought her to the hospital said that the elderly woman is poor and lives alone as she has no social support. Her hunger forced her to eat plastic bags and she developed this condition where her appetite disappeared completely and limbs began to swell.

There is a strong need that educated and aware citizens stand for poverty-stricken section of the society that is unable to claim their rights.

In a hope for better future, India’s common people are taking hit due to step taken by the Centre Government to demonetize high currency notes in an attempt that is being claimed as surgical strike on Black Money. The political parties had cashed votes by raising the issue of black money that can eradicate poverty from Indian society. We hope that it works.

Indian public has been falling for speeches and psychological games that cunning political parties had been playing with common men. The media has become an irresponsible, but very profitable institute as politicians find it a handy tool to manipulate public sentiments to fulfill their selfish goals.

Along with black money, India will have to eliminate corruption too. It is the corruption that leaves poor in misery such as that of Tara Devi. Aforesaid story is crystal clear evidence of what corruption leads too. Irrespective of scale or impact of an action, all those who take part in corruption are sinners, responsible for the misery of already poor people.

Photo: Punjab Kesari

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