New MOON Fest Shimla – Away from crowd and city noise, a New Year party in oak jungle

On the outskirts of the city, way past the solemn and traditional, amid oak jungle, this party is offering a perfect opportunity to enjoy BBQ and bonfire experience.

SHIMLA- It’s believed, the manner in which you welcome the New Year sets the precedent of how the forthcoming year will transpire. If that is so, then Shimla is among the best places to welcome the New Year.

Tourists are swarming to Shimla after the first snowfall of the season on Christmas. Every year, Shimla witness flood of visitors who arrive here to celebrate Christmas and and the New Year. This year is no different.  Hopes are high that it’ll snow on this New Year eve too.

Himachal Watcher has been receiving messages and mails asking suggestion for some happening parties, events, and venues to celebrate the New Year Eve in Shimla. Some of them wants to celebrate it without leaving comfort zone of the city, some wants to be amid crowd like at the the Shimla Ridge and the Mall, and tourists seek snow. Well,  the city is hardly unpredictable, but there is one suggestion for those who seek something new and thrilling like bonfire and BBQ with a scope for privacy and relief from noisy, crowded city.

We could hardly find anything that could stand apart from common arrangement and order of New Year celebrations. But there is a venue that is worth try, for both tourists and locals. It’s near to the city but still isolated enough to give you a break from routine.

The charming, mettled road leads to the venue

The charming, mettled road leads to the venue

On the outskirts of the city, way past the solemn and traditional, amid oak jungle, the New MOON Fest is offering a perfect opportunity to enjoy BBQ and bonfire experience.


Organizers preparing for the New Year Party

Well, the Fest isn’t entirely a silent zone. But we would say, there will be no noise for miles around it. It’s a party that will include live music, drinks, food, barbeque, bonfire, camping, and complimentary drinks.  

The serene oak forest setting with expansive view is a wonderful venue to bid adieu to a year and welcome the New One.


No Parking Wows

This one-of-its-kind forest New Year party is open for all age groups and gender. The entry starts at somewhere between 1,500- 2,000 for two long nights. The management has arranged camps for lodging, which should let you sleep under the starry sky.

The idea of the organizers is to cut the mundane and offer thrilling and actually rejuvenating party. Instead of indoor parties or discotheques, the venue is offering dancing in the open to live music, played by some of the finest artists both local and national.


The venue for the Jungle party is near Shoghi, roughly half an hour drive from Shimla (about 19km). The road to the jungle bifurcates at the Kaithlighat. The Drive from here is through a single lane, well-tarred road (about 4km). Half of the road length offers view of expansive fields on both sides, while remaining distance is shrouded by oak and dedodar trees.  The road journey is in itself a charm. After sunset, the road is engulfed by darkness that is broken only by beams of headlights. Exact details about the location and party are available on organizer’s event page including contacts, in case it interests you.

So, bang on the road, the venue is a delightful meadow amid an oak forest, far from inhabitation but very close to nature.


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