A demo: How littering goes unchecked even at Shimla SDA Complex

SHIMLA- If you wonder how seriously the administration of Shimla and its people take Swaccha Bharat Abhiyan (Clean India Campaign), here is a small scale demonstration. The area is Special Development Authority (SDA) Complex in Kasumpti that houses important buildings including several directorates of various State government departments.

A gentleman opened his new Jewelry shop in the Complex. As part of the marketing, a sort of public feast was organized inside Complex premises.

The arrangements including the kitchen were made adjacent to the Software Technology Parks of India (Block No. 24). Except parking, it’s the only open space that is somewhat spacious. The employees at the Complex use it for basking in sun, mostly during morning and lunch.

The feast was successful and by evening all crowd disappeared and catering was also removed.

Shimla Sanitation Status

It’s common feature of public feasts in India to leave places badly littered after it. Mr. jeweler, who is definitely a well to do man, left behind his footprints. Lots of waste was burned at the spot. The plastic packing of refined oil, milk, and spices, remains of salad were packed in a sack that was simply left behind. Disposable plastic water cups were thrown over the railings or dumped at the backyard of the office.

But the sack full of rubbish was the most interesting part. Take a look what happened to it:

Shimla Sanitation Workers

First and Second Day

Third and Fourth Day

Littering in Shimla

Fifth and Sixth Day

The litter soon attracted monkeys and stray dogs, which started to empty it searching for food. Now, the rubbish was scattered.

Seventh and Eighth Day

Anyway, no sanitation worker or sweeper appeared after a week. The rubbish remains where it was left by the gentleman.

It proves that no sanitation facility is available even at the SDA Complex. If that’s not all, one should take a round of entire SDA Complex, especially the Software and Technology Park of India (STPI). Surroundings of the premises are badly littered. Heaps of half-burnt, non-biodegradable garbage are clearly visible.

Shimla city garbage management

Behind Vehicles Parked in SDA Complex

Empty liquor bottles, disposable, construction waste generated during renovations of offices including large number of broken-glass pieces is lying inside premises for over an year now. 

The daily garbage from various offices can be regularly seen burning. Littering and burning are top two methods of waste management in the capital city. Both are dangerous for environment as well as health. Moreover, the administration is ignoring it openly despite a number of complaints filed several times. 

The moral of the story is that people don’t have any idea about aesthetics or pollution by littering or other means. People hardly have any desire to keep Shimla, their own home, clean. Every place, other than own house or own building, is equivalent of landfill for pubic and administration. What’s the point of launching campaigns for cleanliness without any efforts to create awareness? How administration hopes to bring change or make people co-operate and develop taste for aesthetics? There is no surprise that Shimla is struggling to make into Smart City project.  

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