Ground Reality of the Clean, Green, and Smart-City Shimla

Although, Shimla City is clean and green in papers for the district administration, ugliness of ground reality is increasing with each day. Over-construction comes with another curse – construction waste. This curse has been haunting the city for past many years, but authorities are rarely heard taking any measures to prevent it.

For instance, the spot shown in the picture lies exactly between two recently installed Solar-Powered CCTV cameras and two warning boards of the Forest Department (Shimla Division) at Lalpani on Shimla-Dhalli bypass. Despite it, someone dumped large heap of construction waste on the night of April 1. The dump has covered almost half of the road width, and is hampering traffic flow. At night, it could easily lead to accidents. On April 3, it remains where it was dumped.

Where is administration?

What’s the use of CCTVs and warning boards when there is human surveillance from the administration?

It’s a fatal mistake to ignore environmental degradation that comes with dire consequences.

Wake Up, Speak Up, and Save Shimla

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