The elderly ‘Couple of Shimla’ – Who Are They? What’s Their Story?

SHIMLA- One of our readers today posted a picture of an elderly couple with a story on Himachal Watcher’s official Facebook Page. As per the account given by the reader, he has encountered this couple multiple times at different locations in Shimla. The couple narrates a sad story and seeks monetary help. As per the reader, he once gave Rs. 100 when he first came across them in Mehali, Shimla. The couple told a story about their son who, they said, was battling for life at Indira Gandhi Medical College & Hospital. The reader again confronted them near Navbahar and then near the ISBT. The reader, with a purpose to aware people, clicked a photograph of the couple and shared it with HW.

When Himachal Watcher shared the post on social media, several readers reported seeing the couple in Shimla with similar story as reported by the reader. Several readers accepted giving them money after listening to their emotional stories. Some readers even suggested that the couple has been practicing this trick in Shimla for as long as last eight years.

Readers’ comments were divided, but mostly empathetic towards the elderly couple. The man appears to be 70 years in age while the lady is about 60-65 years. The original post by the reader was titled “Thugs of Shimla”, which faced criticism. People didn’t want anyone to label the couple as thug without knowing their side of the story. 

Considering the age of the couple, money may not sound important factor here, however, the sentiments of people who fall to their false stories do matter. So, the reader has raised a very genuine issue here.

Therefore, HW wishes to communicate with the couple to know their story and the circumstances that forced them to rely on such tricks for survival. May be, this couple is actually in need of help. So we request our readers to contact us on 94185-36702 if any of you see them anywhere in Shimla or other districts and help us locate them. Readers can also provide us any information related to the couple or their story. 

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