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Apple Diseases Threaten Crops in Himachal, Read How to Deal With Them



saving apple crops from diseases

Shimla-Apple scab and other foliar diseases threaten the apple crop in Himachal Pradesh and farmers in the apple growing areas have been advised to be vigilant. The Department of Plant Pathology of Dr YS Parmar University of Horticulture and  Forestry(UHF), Nauni, has issued an advisory for the management of Apple scab in Himachal.

Due to the rains in the first fortnight of May, high humidity conditions are prevailing in the state which makes it congenial for the spread of apple scab and other foliar diseases, the advisory said. The Department had proposed to organize 24 group meetings of farmers in the apple-growing districts of the state to create awareness about the disease management approaches to deal with these diseases in apple crops.

Due to the imposition of the Corona curfew, the process was halted, but the University has created two Whatsapp Groups – one of the representative farmers and another of Horticulture Extension Officers from the different districts- to communicate the advisory for the farmers to be followed during May-June, 2021. As the apple fruit is in the  development stage, the farmers need to adopt the following recommendations.

Spray Schedule for Apple Crops Recommended for the Year 2021:

When the fruit is of walnut-size:

  • The sprays of mancozeb @ 0.3% (600gm / 200L water) or propineb @ 0.3% (600gm / 200L water) or dodine @ 0.075% (150gm / 200L water) are recommended for the management of apple scab.
  • Metiram 55% + pyraclostrobin 5% WG @ 0.1% (200gm / 200L water) or tebuconazole 8% + captan 32% SC@ 0.25% (500ml / 200L water) or fluxapyroxad 250g/l + pyraclostrobin 250g/l 500SC @ 0.01% (20ml / 200L water) are recommended for the management of premature leaf fall and Alternaria leaf spot in apple.

During fruit development (20 days after 4th spray)

  • The sprays of propineb @ 0.3% (600gm/ 200L water) or zineb @ 0.3% (600gm / 200L water)are recommended for the management of apple scab.
  • Tebuconazole 50% + trifloxystrobin 25% WG @ 0.04% (80gm/ 200L water) is recommended for the management of premature leaf fall.
  • Carbendazim 25% + flusilazole 12.5% SC @ 0.08%(160ml/ 200L water) is recommended for the management of premature leaf fall and Alternaria leaf spot in apple.

The advisory further said that this year, two new fungicides namely Cursor 40%EC (flusilazole 40%EC@ 0.025%) (50ml/200L water) for apple scab at petal fall/ pea stage, and Lustre 37.5% SE (carbendazim 25% + flusilazole 12.5% SE@0.08% (160ml / 200L water) for premature leaf fall and Alternaria leaf spot at petal fall/ pea stage and fruit development (20 days after 4th spray) have been added after evaluation.

Flusilazole is a fungicide with curative and preventative activity. It is a potent inhibitor of sporidial growth and acts by inhibiting ergosterol biosynthesis through direct inhibition of the 14α‐demethylation of ergosterol precursors. Carbendazim is a broad-spectrum systemic fungicide with protective and curative action. It is taken and translocated within the plant as a result of which the latter become fungitoxic. It mainly acts by inhibiting the development of germ tubes, the formation of appressoria and the growth of mycelia.

The advisory said that the use of new combinations of fungicides exhibits systemic activity, provides protectant, curative and eradicant control, and both the fungicides in these combinations have different modes of action. Therefore, such a new combination can delay or prevent the build-up of resistance in the pathogen and can be effectively utilized as a promising preventive fungicide for the control of apple diseases.

The university said that it also receives queries from farmers regarding the mixing of different insecticides/fungicides with fertilizers. However, the scientists from the Department of Plant pathology do not recommend these as it can create an adverse impact on plants.

The university has advised farmers to email their queries regarding different diseases with 5-6representative photos to ho or so that these can be addressed by the department.


HP By-Polls 2021: Silence Period Extended to Three Days



hp by polls 2021 silence period

Shimla-The campaigning period during Himachal Pradesh by-elections has been fixed from 10 am to 7 pm every day. The silence period has been extended from two days to three days before the closing date of voting, which will start after 6 pm on 27th October 2021.

During the no active campaigning by the candidates or political parties is allowed, and television or any digital media cannot carry any election-related matter.

This information was released by Chief Electoral Officer, Himachal Pradesh, C. Paulrasu. He said that the Election Commission of India has limited the period of campaigning during by-election 2021 in view of the guidelines issued for the prevention of the COVID-19 pandemic.

He has urged all the candidates and political parties participating in the by-elections of Mandi Parliamentary Constituency and Fatehpur, Jubbal-Kotkhai and Arki Assembly Constituencies to comply with these guidelines related to the election campaign.

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Nauni Varsity Scholar Naincy Bags Scholarship to Pursue PhD in France



Naincy Sagar uhf nauni scholar

Solan: Naincy Sagar, an alumna of Dr. YS Parmar University of Horticulture and Forestry, Nauni has bagged a fellowship for pursuing PhD from France. Nancy has reached France and will be pursuing PhD in Forest Genetics from the University of Orléans under INRAE fellowship. INRAE is France’s National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and Environment.

Naincy has completed her BSc Forestry from College of Horticulture and Forestry (COH&F), Neri in 2018 and MSc Forest Biology and Tree Improvement and Genetic Resources from UAS, Dharwad, under ICAR’s National Talent Scheme. Before leaving for France last week, Naincy was working as a Junior Research Fellow in a research project at COH&F, Neri.

She had applied for a PhD with a scholarship in Forest Genetics which was advertised by INRAE. Naincy was successful in the interview and was awarded a fellowship for three years for pursuing PhD at the University of Orléans. During the course of the PhD, she will receive a total scholarship of around Rs 70 lakh along with medical reimbursement. Naincy will be working on forest tree larch species in the Project titled ‘Vigour at what cost? ‘Trade-off’ of hybrid vigour in Larch-Phenological, morphological and physiological determinants of hybrid superiority in Larix X eurolepis’ with a team of 20 scientists of Joint Integrated Biology Research Unit having expertise in genetics, genomics and physiology for the enhancement of tree and forest diversity

Dr. Parvinder Kaushal, Vice-Chancellor of the university spoke to Naincy via web conferencing and congratulated her. Dr. Kaushal, who has also done his doctorate from France, shared some tips and suggestions. He asked Naincy to explore this opportunity to learn about new cultures along with doing research that could help to enhance and conserve forest wealth in the future.

Naincy expressed gratitude towards her father Satya Prakash Sagar (Retd. SDO BSNL) and mother Monika Sagar, who is working as SDO in BSNL for their continuous support for higher studies. She also thanked Vice-Chancellor Dr. Parvinder Kaushal, Dean Dr. Kamal Sharma and Dr. Dushyant Sharma, Project Investigator and all the university staff for their support and guidance. The university administration, Dean of COH&F Neri congratulated Naincy and wished her success.  

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Bad Weather Warning for Himachal, Tourists and Locals Advised Not to Venture into Higher Hills



weather alert in himachal pradesh

Shimla– The Himachal Pradesh Meteorological Department, Shimla, has predicted heavy to very heavy rains for middle and lower hills on October 17th and 18th. The Met has also issued orange and yellow alerts for various districts.

Meanwhile, heavy snowfall has been predicted in higher hills and advisory has been issued for both locals and tourists to avoid travelling to higher hills.

While a yellow alert with a prediction of thunderstorms and lightning at isolated places has been issued for Una and Hamirpur district on October 17, an orange alert with a prediction of heavy rainfall, thunderstorm, lightning and hailstorm at isolated places has been issued for Bilaspur, Chamba, Kangra, Kullu, Mandi, Shimla, Solan, Sirmaur, and Kinnaur.

For October 18, a yellow alert has been issued for Una, Bilaspur, Hamirpur, Chamba, and Kullu districts and an orange alert for the remaining districts.

The Deputy Commissioner, Lahaul-Spiti, warned that in view of the Met Department’s forecast for the next two days, locals and tourists should avoid Manali-Leh National Highway (NH-03) and refrain from venturing into higher hills.

In case, travel is unavoidable due to some compelling circumstances, such candidates have been asked to confirm weather and road conditions on given telephone numbers, which are 9459661355, 01900-202509, 510, 517 and 1077.

The DC also informed that in case of any emergency, people should contact the District Disaster Management Cell, Lahaul-Spiti, on 01900 202509, 510, 517, and Tall Free -1077.

The weather is predicted to be dry on October 19 and 20. 

Feature Photo: Photo by Rodrigo Souza from Pexels

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