Is a RC with incorrect vehicle details liable to penalty?


Do you know the name of brand maker of vehicle you see in the picture? It’s the Innova model of ‘Toyota ’, and we are sure about it. However, the registration (RC) says it’s ‘Sokda Superb Diesel ’ (HP 26 A 0005). When we confirmed Shimla Traffic Police, and asked them that whether incorrect registration details are liable to penalty or not, we were told that a penalty of Rs. 2,000 is defined for the offence. One out of two possibilities is that the Shimla Traffic Police failed keep its online database updated, which makes it a fault on the part of department, and the second is that the hardcopy of the RC also contains the wrong details. Let it be either way, but we would like to ask Shimla Traffic Police to brief the public on the action it would take against the person at fault, either the owner of the vehicle or the official responsible for such error.

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