A perfect trap?

VIKASNAGAR- After I read the Old Shimla ISBT footpath incident on you page, I was provoked to share one of my complaints or say a close escape. About 50 meters from Vikasnagar Gate, towards Kasumpti, Himachal Public Works Department has prepared a perfect trap. It’s like an illusion as per my encounter. A high beam blanked me for a moment and I was walking on the footpath like looking side. After the truck or bus passed I found myself 3-4 steps away from this dead end. I thought I am safe on that side as the railings are there on the length upto the gate. There is no streetlight so it is dark. I could not sight it at all. I bet someday, someone will go down at this point. It is highly risky for pedestrians and vehicles. Look it’s at where edge of the road is ending suddenly.

Don’t you think it’s a perfect trap?

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