Animal Sacrifice Ban – Over 250 Himalayan deities to assemble at Naggar, Kullu

Around 250 Himalayan gods (deities) will assemble at Naggar village of Kullu district on Friday morning to decide the issue of ban on animal sacrifice at religious places recently ordered by Himachal Pradesh high court. While the high court had reserved its order on Wednesday, deities would give their verdict at Jagatipat temple on Friday.

As per tradition, only Kullu royal, being the chief custodian of Lord Raghunatha, has the right to call Jagati. This is the third time in the history of Kullu district that deities would be assembling to take decision on any issue. Jagati Puch is held at the ground of historic Nagar Castle where Jagati Pat temple is located. In the temple ground, assembly of gods and goddesses takes place who give their verdict on an issue through oracles.` Times of India

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