Because, it’s our city and it’s our duty

SHIMLA- Me and my friend were on our way to office this morning. This HR number car was right ahead of our bike. Suddenly, near Edwards School an empty plastic bottle was thrown out of car widow that landed in the middle of the road. We were irritated by witnessing this nasty habit from those idiots sitting a luxury car and wearing those expensive sunglasses. My friend insisted me to over- take the car. I did and he stopped the car near Talland. My friend approached the car and asked them a simple question, “Do you always litter like this, even at your own home?” Due to traffic I couldn’t hear all of it, but another sentence I heard was, “App luxury car main baithe ho aur itne chotte se basic concept clear nahi hai.”

He came back and we started again. My friend told me he apologized for his kids might have thrown it out. I guess, the family is going to be a little careful after this embarrassment in Shimla. That relieved us from that irritation a bit. It feels good to be one of the doers sometimes.

Please, take some pain to keep your city clean. It’s our duty.

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