British era electricity poles vs HP Govt. poles in Shimla

SHIMLA- Among reminiscences and ruins of British colonial rule in Shimla, some electricity poles are still standing firm ven after 100-years, with no hint of deterioration. The, there stand those placed by Himachal Pradesh Electricity Board or Shimla MC, pure creation of minds lacking sense of duty, so, there isn’t any logic questioning aesthetic sense, any regard to sustainability and to human safety.

Two poles are placed in line at a distance of 10 meters approximately on Chaura Maidan road near Akashwani Shimla. The pole with corroded base carries high tension electricity wires. No surprise to such consequences of corrupt Govt. departments, eating public money like parasites as bonus, additional to their salaries. But, the one leading the Govt. claims the crown of corruption more than anyone. We are ready kill on the name of religion, protest against movies, and taking pledges of religious conversions, but aren’t ready to fight against corruption. So, live with the consequences of your silence.

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