BSNL gives me 0.35 Mbps speed for monthly charges of Rs. 3,200, Literally looting consumers

SHIMLA- I don’t know if other BSNL broadband consumers in Himachal could feel how backward their Internet service provider is or not. BSNL is actually frustrating.

While other nations strive to establish a solid IT infrastructure, our Govt. is barely worried about very low average Internet speed. I live in Shimla. My livelihood depends on my computer and Internet as I am a freelance blogger. On my commercial connection, which promises 4 Mbps speed, isn’t delivering more than 0.35 Mbps. I pay
Rs. 3,200 monthly charges and this is what I receive. Is it a kind of joke for our Government? BSNL is literally looting consumers and our Govt. is simply being a witness. I have friends in foreign countries and when they told me about Internet service providers, the average Internet speed and services , I was stunned what’s wrong with BSNL. BSNL did not upgrade its services all these years while number of consumers grew rapidly in Himachal. It’s too much to tolerate now. The people in Himachal deserve better Internet services for such high charges.

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