Dear HRTC staff stop harassing people because you are angry with Govt.

KULLU- I would like to share what I faced today. I am a Himachali and always used to wonder why my other friends always felt inconvenient on the name of traveling to Himachal. Today I had to go to Chandigarh for an emergency meeting. I went to Kullu bus stand and came to know that HRTC staff was on strike. I approached the staff present on the counter and tried to enquire about status of service as I had not idea about the strike. To my shock the people sitting on counters were very rude. They made me feel like I have asked for something that was offensive or blasphemous or like I was a criminal. I humbly asked for help from the staff, but they chose to remain rude and ignorant. It was an embarrassing moment for me. I was ashamed after I realized what tourists go through. After that I tried numbers of several bus operators but no one replied.

Nobody showed any interest in helping me even for being a girl who is travelling alone. I felt I was not all correct when I used to tell people that Himachal is the safest place and people are always eager to help others. Today, after so many years when I had to deal with them myself, I came to know the dark side of reality.

I am a Himachali who mostly stays out, and I have always praised people of Himachal regardless to what other people say, even when they had been through such rude people.

I express my sympathy and support to HRTC staff if the Govt. isn’t doing justice to them. They have the right to on strike or protest to show their unrest. However, do not harass people for you are angry.

Rash Driving HRTC: Rash HRTC bus driver almost threw pedestrians off the road

Rash HRTC bus driver almost threw pedestrians off the road

SHIMLA- Rash HRTC driver almost threw school kids and pedestrians off the road as he drove the bus insanely on Shimla roads. He was overtaking vehicles very dangerously. Some pedestrians even hurled abuses on him near Sarasvati Vidya Mandir School (if you notice it in video). To make the situation more lethal, our government hasn’t put even a single safety railing on dangerous curves. The school girls and pedestrians were pushed to edges of the roads, which is clearly visible in the video clip. HRTC drivers and pick-up drivers in particular do daily driver on busy roads. The license of such drivers must be cancelled before they cause any damage and inconvenience to others. Video recorded by my friend with his mobile on Saturday afternoon at about 3:30 PM an HRTC bus near #Vikasnagar to #Panthaghati road.#HRTC #RashDriving #HPPWD #GSBali

Posted by Himachal Watcher on Tuesday, April 28, 2015

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