Gundagardi of private bus owners and drivers in Shimla

SHIMLA- I was on my way to Talland on ‎the morning of Tuesday, ‎June ‎2, ‎2015, near about ‏‎9:36 AM. Near the Gurudwara, long traffic jam was troubling people. This traffic jam was due to a bullying driver of ‘Jagaat bus service’ who had stopped the bus at the wrong spot in a highly inappropriate manner. He was gossiping with another bus driver coming from opposite direction and was picking and dropping passengers and ignored traffic jam. The spot was so congested that pedestrians struggled to move.

The spot of bus stoppage is defined near Gurudwara, and this jam could have been avoided if he had not stopped it before it. During busy hours in the morning everyone is in hurry to reach their offices or drop kids at school in time. When, I was trying to click pics of the traffic and bus, the driver pointed his hand towards me and with a rude sign asked me why I am taking picture. The driver then waved his hand towards the name written on windscreen – “Jagat’ like he was trying to bully me by referring to his association with some kind of mafia. Clearly, his gesture warned me that I can’t do anything and no authority could make him answerable for the nuisance he was creating.


Place – Near Gurudwara, Old Bus Stand
‎Date – Tuesday, ‎June ‎2, ‎2015
Time – ‏‎9:36 AM

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