Highly unsafe Tutikandi link road troubles residents, ward councilor not concerned at all

SHIMLA- Tutikandi zoo road come under jurisdiction of Shimla Municipal Corporation. The link road connects many villages and regions in the area to main road. It’s a busy road. This road is unsafe due to many reason. Most of the stretch lacks safety railings. Near New ISBT, a part of the road collapsed a year ago due to rain.It’s not attended after that. The road is already narrow and it is causing a great trouble to people. Due to a blind curve at this spot, daily drivers escape head on collision as they try to avoid damaged part.

There is another stretch that starts near Verma Apartment . Near Laxman Niwas a part of roadside lack railings and steep slant covered with dry leaves makes it slippery. Some people had narrow escape on many occasions. Kids from locality and a number of children from nearby orphanage use the road everyday. Lack of sufficient streetlight make it more lethal and vulnerable to mishap. The ward councilor is busy running his shop. He is not concerned about facilities and safety of people. The grievance need immediate attention before it causes any damage to anyone.

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