HRTC put safety of public at risk, unmaintained buses running on badly worn down tyres

SHIMLA- There isn’t any doubt about it that the standards of HRTC bus service are poor. The buses are old and unmaintained. However, in Himachal, where the accident rate is rising from past couple of years, the transport minister GS Bali isn’t serious at all. The HRTC buses are running on poorly worn down tyres. The treads and groves on tyres, which are meant to provide strong hold on road, have disappeared due to prolonged use. In such situation, buses have become are more prone to meet road accidents as the grip of tyres is very loose. On slippery surface such as in case of wet road conditions, the chances are much higher. Also, HRTC seems to be save money for private pockets by installing old rubber on word down tyres. It’s really absurd to see our own Govt. playing with lives of its people. Take a look at the pictures showing tyres of a HRTC bus.


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