Kinnuar Protest: Massive rally of 5000 farmers & workers against JP

KINNAUR – Today, once again a massive rally on the questions and workers and farmers was held in Kinnaur district in Tapri the headquarter of JP. This really surpassed the previous one and belied all expectations of the administration in which more than 5000 tribal people participated . People from the villages , and workers working in different sectors participated in one of the largest ever political mobilisation in Tapri. The rally further gave a call to have a massive jail bharo on 26th of February to convince the government to accept their demands. Then on 2nd March once again the entire Kinnaur would be mobilised through different organisation of people and their elected representatives. This will be with the slogan of save Kinnaur and throw JP out of the tribal district.

Meanwhile the demonstration gavea clarion call to forcefully acquire land illegaly acquired by JP. The farmers will acquire land and distribute it to the people of the area.This land includes apple orchards acquired by JP in Choltu, Sherpa colony and Kupa which is 1 hectare, 800 trees and 1400 trees. The rally has been foxussing on the issues of working class who are demanding wages in consonance to their counterparts in SJVNL .

Credits: Tikendar Panwar

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