Man chains and locks down little monkey for entering his house

SHIMLA- It appears like it’s been a myth that people of Dev Bhoomi – Himachal are innocent, benevolent and respect all living beings. On Saturday morning, this little monkey dared to enter a house in Tutu, Shimla and faced human cruelty for it. The owner took advantage of the fact that this monkey was too young to defend itself.

The owner didn’t just `lock it inside, but also put a chain around its neck. He put it into a caged balcony, and then left for his office. Whole day, the mother of this little monkey sat outside and waited in desperation for its baby. The monkey kept screaming all the day. It was so scared that in its continuous struggle to get free broke the chain around its neck. However, he could not get out of the balcony.

Scared of a large number of monkeys which had gathered around the house, the man released the monkey in evening after he returned back from office.

This is inhuman. It was searching for food and in cities its normal that monkeys enter into houses. It might sound normal to some, but just imagine if same had been done to your kid.

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