Pangi Piri Images

Kinnaur has its own distinct flavor of culture and set of rule that govern the people of the land.One such occasioan is Pangi-Piri. Pangi -Piri is celebrated by people of Pangi village.On this day people pray for the departed souls.Prayers are offered for all the relative’s departed before july in one calendar year.

One day before the festival people from Pangi trek to their Kandey called Piri and stay there.At 4:00 Am prayers are offered to the departed souls and white flags with Buddhist mantras are erected in their memory.As part of the pooja food offering are made.After that the close relative of the departed souls return back to village and rest of the villagers stay there for a day long festivity.Traditional kayang (form of dance) is performed which is a eye treat to any one.

In the evening people gather Himalayan flowers and return back to village.Once back the festivity goes on for next few days.


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