Road from Sanjauli Chowk to IGMC gate opened for vehicular traffic

SHIMLA- The State Government has opened the road from Sanjauli Chowk to the gate of Indira Gandhi Hospital, Shimla for the vehicular traffic and the road from the gate of Indira Gandhi Hospital to lower bifurcation Indira Gandhi Hospital (Lakkar Bazar) will remain restricted route as R-3.

A Spokesperson of the State government disclosed here today that the amendments had been made in the Shimla Road Users and Pedestrians (Public Safety and Convenience) Act. 2007.

The decision has been taken to facilitate a large number of patients coming to IGMC Shimla from different parts of the State for treatment in emergent circumstances who face inconvenience due to restriction on travel.

He said the road from Auckland House School to Hotel White has also been declared as Sealed Road instead of Restricted Route (R-7).

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