Sangti forests in Shimla need Govt.’s attention

Sangti -3 (Below Radio Colony) Shimla

SHIMLA – Read that board carefully. The board talks about some Swachata Abhiyaan (cleanliness campaign). Walk ahead of this board and about 20 meters from it, you will find piles of garbage. All domestic waste and non-biodegradable garbage is thrown down the road into the forest. At times, garbage is set on fire and keep smoldering whole day. People are not provided even garbage dumber or dustbins. There is no mechanism to pick up this waste. The whole Sangati forests are now turning into landfills, which are growing daily. The pradhan of the Panchayat has no interest in the issue. People have no choice but to throw their waste into forest. There is no management or any such effort from anyone. Where the government and MLAs are for whom people had voted for? They had promised management and good governance but only in official documents.

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