Shimla in dire need animal hospitals and veterinary services

Shimla in dire need of animal hospitals and veterinary services

SHIMLA- I am horrified to see what people are doing to the poor stray animals , specially stray dogs. People treat stray dogs in the most inhumane way and then expect the animal to not defend itself. There is a total lack of veterinary doctors. Sometimes its hard to take a pet dog alone to the animal hospital because of its condition but due to lack of doctors nobody is ready to visit the dog. My dog being approx. 60 kg is hard to lift and and the animal hospital is quite far. Eventually, ‘Max’ passed away because it didn’t get timely veterinary aid.

rip-max-Shimla in dire need of animal hospitals and veterinary services

No animal should ever experience so much pain waiting for medical aid as my dog did. To counter such situations more animal hospitals need to built. Also veterinary doctors need to be encouraged here, so that public could have more of veterinaries here. NO ANIMAL EVER SHOULD FACE SO MUCH PAIN!

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